Chapter History

The Kawaisu Chapter NSDAR, was organized  October 13, 1979, at Lake Isabella, California. There were 22 charter members.  Because we are a remote chapter, the Kawaiisu Chapter NSDAR was instrumental, with the help of Donna Bundy, past regent, to help establish California DAR Division XV in order that nearby remote chapters like ours in the area could participate in division activities more easily.

Our chapter name was taken from the Kawaiisu Indians who populated this area. The first mention of the Kawaiisu is found in the 1776 diary of Francisco Garces. At the time, his party was crossing the Tehachapis and encountered Kawaiisu women and children. Garces' party was deemed to be very needy and was offered presents of baskets, meat, and seeds. By the mid 1800s, trappers, farmers, and stockmen had penetrated the region.  Both the Kawaiisu and the Tubatulabal homelands (core areas) straddle the ridge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Artifacts have been found throughout the Kern River Valley.  At present there is a Kawaiisu and Tubatulabal Indian Center where information about the culture and heritage can be viewed.